Creating trust and freedom for

the world to join

together in real-time. 


GlueLife believes in breaking all the barriers between every individual and the social interactions they seek in real-time. 


A social event & people discovery platform that allows you to scale up the number of offline connections and social activities available to you in real-time by sharing meaningful daily social experiences with others.   

GlueLife creates the trust and freedom for anyone nearby with common needs, goals, dreams, passions, ideas and interests to join together in-person to discover and enjoy who they are and what they love to do in real-time, for the purpose of finding community, culture and a sense of belonging at a tap of a button.  

Helping to reimagine 

urban life.

Tackling the impact of social exclusion on Gen Z adjusting to adulthood.

GlueLife's existence is to actively promote social inclusion for the public benefit by making local communities worldwide

more accessible and inclusive in


We believe real-time experiences with others are fundamental to fulfilling our human need to connect as well as aiding young people to develop positively into the next stages of their life. Our mission is to empower the world with the impactful tools needed for people in urban areas to actively reduce social exclusion

social isolation and loneliness on-demand.

Find your pulse & live your best life, in real-time.

Ready? You are invited!

Connecting the world offline

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